Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holding Fast

Someone I have never met virtually touches my life every day. She is the first person I found who has a llama blog and writes (almost every day) about farmlife. Because she writes so beautifully, from her heart, she touches ours as her readers, and I can think of no better tribute to a blogger than to read her. Every day.

She inspires me as a teacher of what is possible in times we consider impossible. She brings joy to the people who know her, and provides a home and safe haven for the animals, family, and friends, all of whom love her so dearly. No one I know on a daily basis receives as many comments, on Facebook or her blog, as she does. By now, you likely know of whom I write, Teri Conroy. And some day I would really like to meet her f2f and experience the magic of Wunsapana Farm.

Today she wrote about the heartfelt pain and sadness of knowing that her girls were not pregnant, and there would be no crias this year. She captured so tenderly her animals' feelings, as well as her own, and that, I believe, is the magic of Wunsapana Farm. Of Teri Conroy. Of why we wait for her next post. Of why a friend posts on her wall, asking if all is well since no post today....

In life, we get what we give, and I am guessing that Teri Conroy gives all, which is why when disappointment hits, it lands so hard on someone who delivers so much. Daily.

When life challenges us, it is often difficult to hold fast. Two weeks ago I went through the same experience. I wish that we could always understand the why of something. Why no crias. Why did I misread the signs? And somewhere out there in the silence in which I truly believe God answers our prayers when we listen, there's a reason. Hold fast.

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