Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vacation, Right?

A special thank you to all my incredible friends and family for helping me through a difficult day. I truly appreciate you so very much.

After last week, my husband and I are convinced we need a vacation from the vacation. It's been a wicked busy few days, and Friday pushed the definition of a hectic day into overdrive. Up at 5, my first appointment was 7 AM with our pole building guy. Mickey is extending the barn roof to give the girls more protection. Makes sense, because when we install the new dual-head automatic waterer (that will be a monster of a job), digging the hole with a smaller backhoe won't be such a problem inside the paddock. But drilling through the very solid stone farmhouse foundation -- that's another issue entirely.

By 8 AM, the girls are ready to be vetted. Someone has a tapeworm, so within one week, we are Dr. Justin Cunfer's first and second barn visit. A record for both of us. The worming went well enough, but we saved our difficult girl for last. Rev needed an ultrasound to confirm if she was pregnant. Our results were not conclusive, but Dr. Cunfer thinks she is. Problem child, Rev just does not want to be clipped (ask Tabbethia, she can tell you) or vetted. If you asked me, I would say I think she is pregnant by her behavior alone. Unlike her herd, she was simply not cooperative. So I guess I am on another pregnancy watch and only time will tell.

At 8 AM promptly, Perry Breiner and Tom Oswald arrived to finish the excavating. Some earth moving, but mostly finishing work. Spreading different grades of stones, then topsoil. Still, it took an entire day, and it was hot.

Breiner Excavating from RJ Stangherlin on Vimeo.

Fortunately, the girls took all the noise in stride. By now they were used to it. Only Rev seemed plussed by the early events of the day, and she chose to recline and dine. Between checking on the girls, hosing them, and running water to the men, by 3 PM I was totally unplugged.

Talk about fate. We took a quick run to the local hardware store and found they lived up to their motto: "If we don't have it, you don't need it." I found the plastic caps for the barn hooks and the FlexRake that I thought was no longer manufactured. Mickey found an industrial ladder in an odd size he needed. Best of all, we literally ran into the S in M & S, and we coordinated the excavations and plumbing for the auto-waterer. Round off the day with an excellent report from my cancer specialist re: blood work and tests. Life may be wicked hectic but it sure can be wicked good too. (Thanks, Morgan, for the language--wickedly love it).

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