Friday, September 10, 2010

America's Favorite Farmers Markets: 3 in PA = Nation's Winning State

A day in the life of a farm
A great way to save farmlands is to support your farms by buying local. The American Farmland Trust sponsored a contest to find America's favorite farmers markets. I'm delighted to report that Pennsylvania was represented by 3 great markets, and one of them is in my back yard. Making the Top 20 Farmers Markets in AMERICA are:
PA leads the nation
With 3 award-winning markets in our state, that makes Pennsylvania the nation's winner. I'm thinking that the breadbasket has moved cross country. Second to PA is Washington DC, with 2 great markets and Virginia, also with two winning markets. If you want to find the top 5 Farmers Markets in your state, click here, then click on your state.
Rounding off Pennsylvania's top 3 Farmers Markets in the country are the Easton Farmers Market in Easton, PA, and the Central Market House. I am really lucky, because 3 are in my "back yard," and the other 2 are definitely within my driving range for a nice country ride.
Congratulations to the farmers in PA, the second largest agricultural state in the nation, and its people who support sustainable agriculture by supporting local farms.

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