Saturday, September 11, 2010

Everything Natural at Pine Hill Llamas

Healthy brands, healthy choices.
September is a busy month. School start up. A cria coming. A major water project in a week or two. Lesson plans. So many events coalesce in September, and I love that about the month. But when my 3 favorite things happen on one day, bummer. Open house at Everything Natural, an animal healer at Cherrybrook, and the Harford Fiber Fest. There were more offerings to tempt, but these were my big 3.
My winner for the farm: home and barn.
I love everything about Everything Natural. Healthy options for everyone. And that includes my llamas. At the farm, with a stream running through it, a pond, and animals, we use eco-friendly products from Everything Natural. Our favorite for cleaning is Ecover. I could not live without it because it is a gentle cleaner, safe in home and barn. Because we are on a cria watch, I've been a bit OCD with cleaning, and Ecover is the product I trust most as we wait and watch for our first cria. Wish us well for a safe easy birth for our first-time mother, Rev.
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  1. Sending you good wishes for Rev and her newborn! And thanks so much for spreading the word about Ecover and its effectiveness. (We love people with cleaning OCD, by the way!)
    Take care,
    Deb for Ecover