Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dr. Steve Purdy on Neonatology at GALA 2010

A healthy birth is a blessing.
Steve Purdy's Neonatology presentation at The Magic of Llamas GALA 2010 was a tremendous presentation, whether you are a beginner or long-time camelid owner. I did not see the entire presentation, but having his PowerPoint presentation will help me. When I arrived, it was at a timely part, almost as if he knew I needed to hear this. Owners of new crias need to develop patience and let natural instincts take over. Don't interfere with nursing, but watch to see that the cria is taking mother's milk. Never go to sleep when a cria hasn't nursed.

When it comes to breeding, assume defects are inherited and make decisions accordingly. Never breed an animal before it is at least 2 years; never re-breed an animal quickly. A mother needs time off to rest, and according to Purdy that should be no less than 3 months. I sensed that he thought that window was too short.

I learned from this presentation, fireside chats, and the Wet Lab that a healthy cria is a blessing; so many things can go wrong. A healthy birth for mother and cria--a blessing.

Graciously sharing as always, Dr. Purdy's PowerPoint.

Steve Purdy DVM logy

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