Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tabbethia Haubold ~ Green Is Good

Rev--returned to normal after delivering Golden
Tabbethia Haubold is a household name for many of us. Whether she's shearing our llamas, alpacas, or sheep, or showing in the conformation and performance rings, teaching us at GALA 2010 how to train our llamas for agility and therapy work, or supporting 4H and various educational programs for youth, she is one busy lady. And she has just launched a new eco-green product line you will love--I promise!

Recently, Tabbethia and Christopher married, and from what I have heard and seen, it was a wonderfully different celebration, with a signature say-it-with-style that only Tabbethia could create for a milestone in life. For more wedding news and living happily ever after, you can visit Tabbethia and Christopher's Wedding on Facebook, as well as friend Tabbethia and add her Long Island Livestock FB page to yours.

For Tabbethia, April is not the cruelest month, but it is the busiest since it opens her three-month road trip, better known as her shearing season. April and May find Tabbethia in the north, south, and mid-west. In June, she works closer to her Long Island home territory.

It was great fun hosting Tabbethia overnight and we have to make the sleep-over an annual event because we just had so much fun. Tabbethia had a surprise for me, the gift of soaps, and that led to this home video we made of her newest foray into the business world. Currently, Tabbethia manufactures soap in a most unique way--Woolie Washies and Llama Loofahs--in addition to her lanolin and honey-based soaps sans fiber wrap. Coming soon to her line of eco-friendly products are a healing body butter and lip balm. I can hardly wait.

Take a look at our video, followed by her product offerings and Wooly Washers/Llama Loofahs Scents.

Product Offerings From Long Island Livestock Company

Woolly Washers - Llama Loofa Scents

Remember: you can find Tabbethia on Facebook or contact her at 631 680 6721 or

 For a creative look at marketing llama products, see Teri Conroy's blog post:
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