Monday, March 16, 2009

Frick and Frack and The Queen

Like people, some llamas are more sociable and photogenic than others. Although this girl seeks attention at a distance, she is camera shy, so capturing her image is hard to do. Fortunately for me, Jennifer Brinson snapped this shot and forwarded it to me. In many ways, the pose captures her attitude: proud and watchful, always on guard. If you could see her walk, you would notice a decided strut. In everything she does, this girl is a queen, the alpha llama mama who rules the herd. Nice for her because before my husband purchased her, she was part of a forty-something group, not lost, but not alpha.

These two are the closest thing to sisters; working with them and watching them daily, they seem so. While both of them listen to their "aunt," the queen, they forged a bond at birth and grew up together, like Frick and Frack. Where you see one, you see the other. They wait for each other to travel, and daily they "run the chute." Quite something to see: llamas racing and cavorting.

Just like real life, these girls compete for attention; they simply cannot get enough (and they do get plenty). Brinson says that my white llama is the Kendall of llamas. If you know her Golden, then you understand just how affectionate these girls are.

Do I love life on the farm. Absolutely.

Turbo Tagger

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