Friday, September 25, 2009

Llama Leavings

Llama leavings--a mixed bag of blessings. My dear friend and breeder, Carol Reigh, of Buck Hollow Llamas, Inc., told me to harvest the "leavings" because it would do wonders for my orchard. And it did, so much so that we had to shore up tree limbs heavy with fruit, to keep the branches from snapping.

But llama leavings also speak to the llamas who have left--and returned--between our farms. Cierra (peeking out from inside the stall) left over two months ago to be bred (successfully, to Zephyr), leaving behind Tess and Rev. Now, Tess and Rev take their turn, and have left to be bred, leaving in their place a returned Ciarra, pregnant, and our newest girl--and she is a beauty--Et Cetera. I wish I could take better photos, but I guess on these images, I was still so excited and just happy to snap them.

My experience with new llamas is that they take some settling in time. Everything is so new to them, and frankly, Etc seems just a bit overwhelmed. But she is warming up, learning that I always come to the edge of the pasture with treats for her, so in less than a week, she comes with called. Each day is a gain; less skittish, moving closer, cosying up and I'm loving every minute.

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