Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Week and a Day

The medievalist in me understands the year-and-a-day convention, but a week and a day it was when the land looked "normal," abounding with Mickey's usual hills. The trees are still there, but the hills are flattened, leveled to accommodate a new barn. Eight days ago, our excavator prepped the surface; four days ago, Pioneer Pole Buildings set the 4 corners. Two days ago, they delivered the materials. Today they began a two-day process of building a barn. At 2 PM, I squeezed this other photo out of a dying battery. Hard to believe that this morning, at 6:30 when the first truck arrived and the team hit ground, nothing was erected.

Look at it about 8 hours later, and they do not leave until 4. By tomorow, the barn will be completed, as least as far as Pioneer takes it. Forty-three tons of Grade B stone arrive tomorrow, and Monday the concrete people begin their work of laying the floor. After curing, about a month, and with luck, two great things will happen for Thanksgiving: the barn will be ready for use, and the girls, Tess and Rev, who have been bred (successfully, as far as we can know now) will return, just like they did last year when they became "my girls," the day before Thanksgiving. The third special thing just might be Brinson joining our celebration table, but only time will tell. However large or small our numbers will be this season, it will certainly be one of joyous celebration for answered prayers and the gift of life in more than a few ways.


  1. When you write "squeeded," do you mean squeezed? If so, I recommend spell-check. If not, I'm in the process of learning a new word.

    No word on Thanksgiving until the schedule comes out [the week before.]

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  3. Very impressive-looking barn beginning.