Monday, November 22, 2010

Creating Loyal Customer Relationships with Tom Hudgin at GALA 2010

Tom Hudgin's presentation, Creating Loyal Customer Relationships - Alpacas and Llamas, could not come at a better time. According to the current issue of Camelid Quarterly's International Camelid Report, it is time for breeders to recognize the market shift--to fibers that mills want and the meat industry. The pet industry is waning because of economic decline, so breeders need to rethink their market. As Hudgin notes, your survival depends on repeat customers, so this presentation focuses on how to create customers and keep their loyalty.

If you have developed that reputation C. Robert Rice discussed in his presentation, Running Your Farm As A Business, then you are one of the fortunate breeders that has an established market with clients. Chances are you already engage in many of the suggestions Hudgin has to offer. Chief among them are attending public events that work to educate the public, thinking outside the box, and providing service after the sale.

In the spirit of sharing at this conference, Hudgin shared his resources, and they are practical, purposeful, and I think work, based on what I have observed with my breeder, Carol Reigh, to whom I am very loyal.

Tom Hudgin GALA 2010 Creating Loyal Customer Relationships

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